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Up Your Diving Skill Level with PADI Specialty Courses

If you’re an advanced diver you may be thinking about what could come next. Gangga Island is the perfect place to take your diving skills to a new level with a PADI specialty course with Gangga Divers. Here are some options you might want to consider if you already have your PADI Advanced Open Water certificate.

Deep Water

Up Your Diving Skill Level with PADI Specialty Courses

Getting down deeper is one of the things divers often want to do once they’ve experienced the thrill of open water diving. The PADI Deep Diver course takes you below 18 metres all the way down to 40 metres. At these depths you might find species of fish and coral you’ve never seen before, and will be able to dive wrecks and walls that others can’t.

On this diving course you’ll learn about the planning and specialized equipment needed to dive these depths. You will also be taught about managing your gas supply and deal with other safety concerns while diving deeper. The course is completed in 4 dives over a couple of days.

To take this specialty course you must be at least 15 years old and have a PADI Adventure Diver rating or higher.

Night Diving

Night Diving at Gangga Island, North Sulawesi

Diving at night isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it is an incredible way to see the underwater world from a totally new viewpoint.

The PADI Night Diving specialty course teaches you how to navigate in the dark with the help of a light and specific hand signals. Being more in tune with your buddies and your buoyancy can be great skills that will also help you on other types of dives.

During 3 night dives you’ll learn about the changes in marine life behavior at night and also about nocturnal critters. The focus of your light’s beam means you will observe many details you might not necessarily see during daytime dives.

Search & Recovery

Up Your Diving Skill Level with PADI Specialty Courses

If you are a bit of a sleuth and like planning, mapping and searching for things, the PADI Search & Recovery course is for you.

This diving course teaches you how to map, plan and navigate under water giving you the best chance of recovering lost items. You will also learn how to retrieve the items with a number of different methods depending on the size, shape and weight of the object.

This is a challenging but fun course that is open to divers over 12 years old with an Advanced Open Water certificate or both PADI Open Water and Underwater Navigator certificates.

Enriched Air

Why You Should Get Nitrox Certified?

Diving around Gangga Island is an incredible experience, but what if you could extend your time underwater by taking a half-day course? The PADI Enriched Air course is PADI’s most popular specialty course for good reason!

In a short time you will learn the theory and technique of reducing the nitrogen content of the air you’re breathing to allow you to spend more time under the surface. During a practical session and 2 optional dives, you will practice setting your diving computer for diving with enriched air and analyzing the oxygen content in your scuba tank.

To take this course you must be a PADI Open Water Diver and be over 12 years old.

Rescue Diver

Up Your Diving Skill Level with PADI Specialty Courses

One of the most advanced PADI courses is PADI Rescue Diver course. This is a challenging course over 3-5 days, which teaches you accident prevention and management skills on land and under water.

Professional dive instructors at Gangga Divers will teach you the theory behind keeping yourself and other divers safe and then take you out into open water to test your skills in realistic scenarios.

This course requires divers to be at least 12 years old, hold a current first aid and CPR certificate and be certified as a PADI Adventure Diver.

Do you want to take one of these advanced PADI specialty courses? Let us know which one you would be most interested in and why in the comments below.

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