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What Makes Gangga Island the Perfect Getaway

With almost a year of staying close to home under our belts, it’s important that we have somewhere to escape to. This is both for our mental and physical health. For those in Indonesia there are many options but feeling safe and comfortable should be top priorities. Gangga Island Resort & Spa can offer everything you need in a getaway; beauty, activities, safety, and comfort. Here are 4 reasons why Gangga Island is the perfect getaway.

1. Natural Beauty

What Makes Gangga Island the Perfect Getaway

Gangga Island is absolutely stunning. The crystal blue water, powdery sand, and backdrop of tropical jungle are everything you want in an island getaway. The main draw however is under the water. Just wade into the water and you can already see fish darting around and the occasional juvenile ray skirting the shore.

What Makes Gangga Island the Perfect Getaway

Head out with Gangga Divers in a boat to snorkel or dive and you won’t know where to look first. The coral reefs teem with marine life around Gangga. These are some of the healthiest reefs in Indonesia. If you need a reminder of why nature is so wonderful, Gangga Island will provide.

2. Comfort

What Makes Gangga Island the Perfect Getaway

Many of us have gotten very used to the comforts of home over the past year. Why would we leave home to go somewhere less comfortable? Gangga Island Resort & Spa’s bungalows are so cozy you may not see any reason to leave.

What Makes Gangga Island the Perfect Getaway

The resort’s 15 beachfront bungalows separated into 30 rooms are simple but stylish in the local Minahasa style. Step straight from the sandy path onto a wooden verandah leading to the bedroom. The sound of the waves is present all day and night, lulling you into total relaxation.

3. Safety

Most of us had never really thought about social distancing as a health issue before 2020. Now it’s part of almost everything we do. There is absolutely no problem social distancing when you’re at Gangga Island Resort & Spa. The resort is spread out over landscaped grounds and is mostly open air.

What Makes Gangga Island the Perfect Getaway

There are also strict guidelines for staff health checks, checking in, dining, and sanitization of the rooms and public spaces. You can really feel normal when you’re within the resort with no need for masks or visors when you stay within your traveling party. For more information about how we are keeping our staff and guests safe, read about our Covid-19 Health Protocols.

4. Diving

What Makes Gangga Island the Perfect Getaway

A lot of the activities we love have been cut during the pandemic. Scuba divers especially have been wondering when they will be able to dive again. Thankfully, Gangga Divers is operating by strict 5* PADI dive protocols to allow you to enjoy diving with no worries.

And diving is truly spectacular around Gangga Island. More than 30 world-class diving locations are easily reached from Gangga Island, including dives in Bangka, Lembeh Strait and Bunaken Marine Park. If you would like to learn more about diving with Gangga Divers we have all the info you need here.

What Makes Gangga Island the Perfect Getaway

Are you ready to escape for a while and getaway from your ‘real life’? Gangga Island is an ideal place to be. Whether you are traveling alone or with family or friends, you can really feel like you are worlds away while you’re on the island. Stay for a long weekend or even an extend period of time to clear away the cobwebs. It will do you good mentally and physically, we promise.

Would you like more information on a Gangga Island getaway? Leave us a comment or question in the box below.

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