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7 Reasons to Become a Scuba Diver

Did you know 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water? That means no matter how much you travel, how many continents you explore, you will only be able to cover 30% of the Earth. If this isn’t reason enough to get dive certified then you’ll just need to read on for us to convince you!

1. Learn to Breathe Slowly and Evenly

7 Reasons to Become a Scuba Diver

One of the worries some people have about scuba diving is the fear of not being able to breathe deeply enough. However, once you are underwater your mind will take over and you will be busy watching the incredible marine life.

You will learn to take long, calm breaths, which also sets you up for dealing with stressful situations on land better as well. After a while it will become natural for you under water and above to breathe gentle, even breaths almost like you’re sleeping.

2. Check Out of Your Everyday Life

7 Reasons to Become a Scuba Diver

Speaking of relaxing and breathing deeply, scuba diving allows you to leave your everyday life behind. Even with technology advancing so quickly these days, there is still no wifi underwater so you can leave your laptop and phone on the surface and forget about it all for a while.

This is your chance to completely be at one with nature and not worry that you have to check your emails or post on Instagram…until you get back on dry land of course.

3. Experience Weightlessness

7 Reasons to Become a Scuba Diver

Have you ever wanted to feel completely weightless? Unfortunately we can’t all go into space, but most of us can scuba dive. While diving you’ll experience the feeling of weightlessness while still being in control of your movements. With a little practice, you’ll be gliding over the ocean floor like a majestic manta ray.

4. Get Fit

Diving with turtles in Indonesia

Scuba diving is great for your physical fitness. It’s like resistance training underwater for your legs arms and core with no worry of impact injuries. You might find your muscles a bit sore after your first few dives, but you soon get used to the weight of the tank and long periods of swimming.

What could be better than getting a workout in the middle of the sea while looking at beautiful marine creatures? You won’t even realize you’re exercising!

5. Visit Incredible Places

Gangga Island Resort and Spa, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Divers dream of finding the best, most unique, and most species-packed places to dive. Luckily, some of these locations also happen to be some of the most gorgeous places on earth.

Think of somewhere like Gangga Island off of North Sulawesi or Papua Paradise Resort in Raja Ampat. Some of the best diving in the world can be found here and you’ll also find that above the water is pretty stunning too.

6. Meet New Friends

7 Reasons to Become a Scuba Diver

Scuba divers always have something to talk about together, whether it’s where they been diving, where they want to dive, or even what kind of diving they love best.

You’ll find at dive resorts like Gangga Island Resort, people make friends for life from all over the world. Over cold beers after a day of diving there is never a shortage of conversation.

7. Explore Historical Sites

7 Reasons to Become a Scuba Diver

Anyone can visit the Collosseum in Rome or Angkor Wat in Cambodia, but not everyone can swim in the wreckage of ships or through underwater ruins.

There are tons of incredible historical sites that are for divers only thanks to them being submerged in the water. Don’t you want to be one of the people that can go visit them?

Are You Convinced Yet?

If you’ve got to the end of this article and aren’t convinced that you should be scuba certified, then you might have to just see what the oceans hold for yourself. Once you see it with your own eyes, you’ll never look back.

Are you already a scuba diver? Let us (and those reading that don’t dive yet) know what it is that makes you keep diving in the comments below.

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