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Why Diving with Your Significant Other is Great for Your Relationship

We have discussed in the past why diving with a buddy is so important, but what if your dive buddy is also your significant other? We can’t think of a better situation actually. There are loads of reasons why diving with your significant other is great for your relationship. Read on to find out why scuba diving together is always a good idea!

Share your passion

Diving with Your Significant Other

It’s wonderful if you are lucky enough to find a partner that is as passionate about diving as you are. If you find someone keen to learn to dive, that’s almost equally as great. Together you can share your passion for diving without worrying about boring each other to death talking about past or future dives.

100% trust

You should trust your dive buddy 100% with no doubts at all. This can be difficult when you are diving with someone you have just met, but with your significant other you trust them fully already. You also know that they are invested in your safety because of their love and respect for you. You will also both know each other’s skill sets and are unlikely to push your partner past their skill level. There really is no better person to dive with.

Tune into each other

As well as trust, you are more in tune to the body language and subtle cues of your significant other than a friend or stranger. As well as the prescribed signals used when diving you will be able to pick up on what your partner is thinking or feeling because you know them better than anyone else. This connection can make a huge difference in the flow and safety of a dive. Over time this connection will only deepen.

Diving with Your Significant Other

Team work makes the dream work

Working as a team may be one of the most important skills that diving teaches you. It’s also a skill that makes relationships so much easier. Whether you have been together for 2 years or 20 working together and communicating is essential to make a relationship work. If you can take what you learn while diving and translate it into everyday life, it’s a win for everyone.

Enjoy holidays together

Divers generally head to dive locations when they go on holiday, so unless you dive together planning holidays can be a bit difficult. If you both dive there is no worry about one partner not wanting to choose a diver-friendly holiday spot. This also means your holidays have a great focus and you get plenty of time together.

Make memories

Diving with Your Significant Other

When you are both old and grey how amazing will it be to think back on all the incredible dives you took together over the years. You will probably have traveled to beautiful places and seen sights that not everyone gets to see. Sharing these memories is absolutely priceless and can make for a really fulfilling relationship.

Do you and your partner dive together? If so, we would love to hear about your experiences together in the comments box below.

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