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Diving Gangga Island’s House Reef in North Sulawesi

Just 20 minutes off of North Sulawesi’s capital city Manado, Gangga Island waits bursting with promise. Divers from all over the world come to enjoy the teeming marine life that is a product of the amalgamation of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Divers staying at Gangga Island Resort will have the chance to explore the incredible house reef right off the beach in front of their tropical bungalows. Of course the close proximity to the resort isn’t the only reason to dive here? We’re going to give you plenty more reasons so keep reading…

What can I expect at Gangga Island’s House Reef?

Diving Gangga Island’s House Reef in North Sulawesi

This house reef is a gently sloping volcanic reef covered with lovely soft corals, table corals and incredible sponges. This is an ideal first dive in the area, especially if you are getting to know your Gangga Divers dive instructors. If you’re staying at the resort you only have to go a couple of minutes from the shore and you’ll have tons to discover.

Muck Diving

Gangga’s House Reef is ideal for muck diving and macro photography enthusiasts. You’ll want to look out for the many varieties of shrimps, lobsters, and cuttlefish. You might even get treated to a sighting of the famous mimic octopus, or its blue-ringed or wonderpus friends.

Mimic octopus - Diving Gangga Island House Reef in North Sulawesi

You’ll really have to keep your eyes peeled for the several species of camouflaged scorpion fish and also, prized by muck divers, the various species of pygmy seahorses that are regularly spotted on the reef.

Pygmy seahorse - Diving Gangga Island House Reef in North Sulawesi

If you love the colours and unique shapes of nudibranchs, Gangga Island House Reef won’t disappoint. A rainbow selection of nudis can be seen here.

Nudibranchs - Diving Gangga Island House Reef in North Sulawesi

Around July and August the water can dip a few degrees to around 25-26°C making it the perfect time for reproduction. There are tons of critters around at this time so it is often the choice time for underwater photographers to dive here. Visibility is also good at this time of the year.

Night Dives

If you stay at Gangga Island Resort & Spa don’t miss a night dive on the house reef. There are plenty of shrimp peering out of their hiding spots, cuttlefish and some huge octopus that cruise the reef at night. Scorpion fish also come out in the dark but you’ll have to be patient and slowly scan the reef to catch a glimpse.

Scorpion fish - Diving Gangga Island House Reef in North Sulawesi

There won’t be any other divers except those staying at Gangga Island Resort so it will be like your own private .

Worth noting is also the night dives a short boat ride from the house reef at Lihaga Island. Here you can see Mandarin fish in their natural habitat performing their unique mating rituals. To read more about this dive click: The Incredible Mating Dance of the Mandarin Fish.

Mandarin fish - Diving Gangga Island House Reef in North Sulawesi

So, an abundance of corals, sponges, colourful reef fish, and an amazing variety of critters to search for. Doesn’t it sound like the ideal dive holiday? How would you like to stay at Gangga Island and dive the house reef? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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