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Snorkeling in North Sulawesi

You don’t have to be a diver to visit North Sulawesi. There are plenty of opportunities to explore underwater without being dive qualified. Snorkeling is one of the most fulfilling ways to spend time in the area and the amount of marine life you will see will blow you away. Here are some tips on where to snorkel, what you should look out for, and what you need for comfortable snorkeling in North Sulawesi.

Where to Snorkel in North Sulawesi

Snorkeling in North Sulawesi

To be honest, there aren’t really any bad places to snorkel in North Sulawesi. The waters are clear and generally calm year round. When you stay at Gangga Island Resort & Spa snorkeling off the beach isn’t really an option but the Gangga Divers boats are ready to take you out almost anytime.

Just off the jetty at Gangga Island there is a bio reef project to check out. This is a great coral restoration project that has saved the beaches of the island from devastating erosion. There are many different corals growing here and fish and other reef creatures call the bio reefs home.

Snorkeling in North Sulawesi

Just a couple of minutes further out towards neighboring Lihaga Island there are some spectacular snorkeling spots. Here you can drift around in the crystal clear water spotting hundreds of different species of fish, mantis shrimp, and beautiful corals and fans.

If you decide to join a dive boat going to Bangka or Talisi Islands or even Bunaken Marine Park, you will find plenty of shallow reefs ideal for snorkelers.

What you should look out for

Being smack bang in the middle of the coral triangle, you can expect plenty of things to see underwater. With over 3000 species of fish and 500 reef building corals in the coral triangle it’s an absolute feast for the eyes.

Snorkeling in North Sulawesi

Everything from the tiniest shrimps and seahorses to hiding mantis shrimp and camouflaged frogfish can be spotted. Also look out for amazing octopus species like the famous wonderpus and mimic octopus. All the while brightly coloured reef fish, snapper, triggerfish, bumphead parrotfish, surgeonfish and fusiliers are countless in the area.

Snorkeling in North Sulawesi

Also look out for turtles; 6 out of 7 of the world’s sea turtle species can be found in North Sulawesi.

What you need for snorkeling

It’s no problem at all if you don’t have your own snorkeling gear. Gangga Divers at Gangga Island Resort & Spa can provide you with everything you need. There are a couple of things you will need to bring yourself though.

Although being in the water keeps you cool while snorkeling, the sun in North Sulawesi is very strong and you will need UV protection. Your back and legs are vulnerable to burning if you don’t have a good waterproof, high SPF sunscreen on. It’s also a good idea to wear a rash guard or swimming shirt to make sure your back is protected from the UV rays.

Snorkeling in North Sulawesi

Other than this, snorkeling is a pretty simple activity. If you’ve never snorkeled before, a quick lesson will get you in the water and ready to enjoy life underwater from the surface.

Are you a keen snorkeler or want to try it out for the first time? North Sulawesi is the perfect place to enjoy a snorkel holiday and there are great deals to be had right now. Send us a message in the comments box below if you are interested in our current offers.

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