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What to do on Gangga Island if you’re not a diver

Gangga Island, North Sulawesi may be a diver’s paradise but it’s also incredibly welcoming to non-divers. Whether you are traveling with a diver or you’re just looking for a tropical island break it’s a great choice to get away from the daily grind. Here are 5 things to do on Gangga Island if you’re not a diver… 

1. Enjoy the beaches

What to do on Gangga Island if you’re not a diver

The beaches of Gangga Island are truly spectacular. The sand is powder fine and bright white. Gangga Island Resort & Spa has comfortable loungers for guests who want to spend some time in the sun or under the shade of a coastal tree. There are long stretches of beach to stroll down. It’s especially beautiful to take a walk first thing in the morning and at sunset when the sky turns all those stunning shades of pink and orange.

2. Visit the local villages

What to do on Gangga Island if you’re not a diver

There are only 2 villages on Gangga Island, Gangga I and Gangga II. You can easily walk to the villages from Gangga Island Resort on paved roads. Most of the locals on the island are fishermen but a number work in the resort as well. In any case, they are very used to having foreigners around and are exceptionally welcoming. The kids love to try out their English and wave and smile. Don’t be shy to stop and chat to the friendly people and don’t be surprised if you get asked into their house for a coffee or local snack.

3. Snorkel

What to do on Gangga Island if you’re not a diver

Even if you don’t dive you can enjoy the beautiful underwater life of Gangga Island. You can wade out right from the beach and see a wonderful array of reef fish, coral, and smaller critters. Swim out to the bioreef structures that have been built to stop the erosion of the beaches. They are now home to beautiful new corals and plenty of brightly coloured marine creatures. The water is crystal clear and you’ll be surprised at how easily you can see all the amazing goings on under the surface.

4. Get pampered

What to do on Gangga Island if you’re not a diver

Gangga Island Resort’s Pasung Spa is a space of healing and relaxation. If you want to rejuvenate your body and mind while you’re on the island you must treat yourself to a traditional massage. The techniques used in the spa have been passed down through generations of local Minahasan people, as well as other Indonesian islands. A couple of the treatments you will only get in this region are the The Minahasan Reflexology, a unique blend of local and Chinese acupressure movements, and the Gangga Island Massage.

5. Go Fishing

What to do on Gangga Island if you’re not a diver

The majority of the local people on Gangga Island have been fishermen for generations. They are masters of their craft and know the seas around the island like the lines on their hands. If you want an amazing experience you should definitely get up early one morning and go out fishing. They’ll show you the equipment and techniques they use and hopefully you’ll be back with a fresh catch to grill up for lunch!

Non-divers will love Gangga Island too!

What to do on Gangga Island if you’re not a diver

Diving may be the main reason for visiting Gangga Island but don’t rule it out if you aren’t a diver. It’s a unique place of interesting traditions, beautiful nature and welcoming people. You can easily forget the world and live the island life for a little while on Gangga Island.

Does this sound like somewhere you would like to visit? Tell us what sounds most inviting for you in the comments below.

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