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“Pasung” meaning “Beautiful” in Manadonese language is the perfect name for Gangga Island Resort’s Spa. Pasung Spa is the ideal place to relax and unwind tired muscles after diving, trekking or exploring Gangga Island.

The spa is an oasis of calm with an elegant and warm atmopshere where you can let yourself be pampered by professional spa therapists. The spa menu includes traditional treatments passed down through generations of the Minahasan people of Gangga Island, as well as other therapies such as reflexology and traditional Balinese massage.

Pasung Spa therapists will use these techniques to aid in the healing of your body and maintain beautiful skin as well. All of our therapists are also trained in the art of aromatherapy, using tropical plant extracts to create healing aromatic essential oils. This ancient technique of balancing mind, body and spirit will rejuvinate and help you maintain your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Pasung Spa Signature Massage :

This complete spa treatment starts with a refreshing peppermint and Gangga Bloom foot bath, followed by a Body Scrub and a nutritional Body Mask, after which you’ll enjoy a soothing and relaxing Aroma Massage with an essential oil of your choice. The treatment will be completed with a traditional facial, with genuine BIOKOS products from Martha Tilaar. This is a traditional facial that makes your skin feel soft and velvety.
180 minutes

Gangga Island Massage :

The Gangga Island massage is a local healing massage passed down through generations of women on Gangga Island. Each therapist uses her own exceptional signature style representing techniques that have been passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter. This treatment uses firm, soothing and stretching type movements that guarantee to relax your muscles and mind.
60 minutes

Minahasan Reflexology :

Minahasan reflexology contains a unique blend of local and Chinese acupressure movements. The movements stimulate the micro-system in the feet, which reflect different parts of the rest of the body. After just thirty minutes when the body tensions are relieved, blood and lymph circulation will function more efficiently. Regular sessions promote a healthy, energetic, and youthful body.
45 minutes

Honeymooners Dream

The Aromatic Body Glow & Aroma Massage is the perfect romantic escape for honeymooners or couples who want to enjoy some special time together. This treatment combines a Foot and Shoulder massage and an Aromatic Body Massage, which leaves the skin silky and soft, using a deliciously scented essential oil of your choice.
90 minutes

Facial Massage :

This facial is rich in enzymes to peel away dead skin, antioxidants, and vitamins that protect and treats the cells from environmental damage and pollutants. It also contains natural oils, which deeply nourishe the skin. We use BIOKOS Product from Marta Tilaar that incorporate powerful natural plant extracts working in harmony with skin cells to prevent and correct skin deficiencies by stimulating cell renewal, rejuvenating and reactivating skin. With Biokos, you can trust your skin to sustain its youthful radiance and vitality.
45 minutes

Gangga Island Escape:

The Soothing Body Glow and Gangga Island Massage is a wonderfully calming and relaxing treatment designed for divers and non-divers alike. This package includes a body exfoliation to remove old skin cells and help maintain healthy glowing skin. It is followed by a body massage to sooth and to relax tired muscles.
90 minutes

Oriental Foot Massage :

A wonderfully calming and relaxing foot treatment is designed for divers and non-divers alike. This package includes a sea salt & peppermint foot bath and a scrub followed by a therapeutic reflexology massage. Complete the treatment with a shoulder and neck massage to sooth and relax your tired muscles.
60 minutes

Gangga Island Resort and Spa will do everything possible to ensure your stay is enjoyable and memorable.
We understand that the little touches matter.