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The Spell of North Sulawesi

More or less in the middle of the Indonesia’ archipelago we find the unusual shaped island of Sulawesi, once called Celebes. The northern territory is a peninsula prolonging into two seas: the sea of Celebes at north-west and the sea of Moluccas at south-east. This is probably the marine area with the highest biodiversity in the world!

Two divers from Austria will say it is 100 % a true fact, and they can do it because they have just made their 500th dive in north Sulawesi! In April of 2003 they came for the first time to the little astonishing volcanic island of Gangga, and it was love at first sight. Otto and Helga Steinmann from Vienna had found their second home among the charming and fun loving people of Gangga Island.

But it was the diving into the fantastic waters of Gangga, Bangka and Talisei Islands, that keep them coming back year after year, often more times in a Year. Both of them know nothing better than trying out new places, the astonishing kaleidoscope of life forms is endless!

Otto turned 70 last year, and this May just as he became 71 he made his 500th dive at his favorites dive site, but that was a very difficult decision to make because of all the fantastic dive sites at Bunaken, Bangka, Lembeh, he loves them all, and with his own word he has just started the count for the nest 500th!

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